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If you have been accused of a crime in Northern California, you deserve a Tehama县 criminal lawyer who has significant trial experience and a practice that will compassionately guide you through the toughest of situations, 包括酒后驾车, 毒品犯罪, 武器的指控, 还有更多. With so much at stake, you must harness the skill of a former district attorney and federal prosecutor who has dedicated himself to criminal law for over 30 years. Our firm is ready to help you. It is time to call J9.


Just because you were arrested doesn’t make you guilty. You have a right to due process, and we are determined to protect your rights, every step of the way. We at J9 will provide you with the perfect mix of effective representation and a personable, 温暖的方法. From the moment you step into our office, you will know that you are in good hands. We know the ins and outs of the criminal justice system, and we will use that knowledge in an effort to attain the best outcome possible on your behalf. If you have a question, we have an answer. We are always only a phone call away.


Former district attorney and federal prosecutor J9, has seen it all. After watching people settle for hiring sub-par attorneys to represent them when it mattered most for far too long, he decided that he was ready to take on the task himself. Attorney Cohen now uses his 30+ years of trial experience on both sides of the criminal prosecution process to zealously defend his clients from the pitfalls of criminal conviction.

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No one ever “plans to get in trouble,” but when you find yourself in deep water, you definitely want J9 in your corner. 这个人很了不起. From the very start, he told me exactly what was going to happen, and he was right. It took some time, but we did the work and […]


J9 took on my case with confidence and aggressively destroyed the Tehama district attorney. Working with Gregg was an absolute pleasure his knowledge of law and facts were above my expectations. The staff he has are the kindest, nicest, and most professional as anyone could ask for. The whole experience with this case was […]

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Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness.

Kevin O ~.

I received a ticket in a semi-truck in the Red Bluff area. I contacted J9 at J9. If you get a ticket & don’t want to worry about the outcome, look no further.

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Thx 4 victory in the war against the machines -Redding, Ca stoplight cameras. Humanity lives to drive commercially another day.


Best experience I have ever had with a lawyer. Very personable and caring. Definitely would recommend his services! Mr. Cohen is the best in the business in my option!

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J9 has significant experience representing people facing 酒后驾车 charges in Tehama县, 沙士达山县, or anywhere else in Northern California. Our firm approaches 酒后驾车 defense differently than other firms here in California--we work to have your charges dismissed immediately. We focus on uncovering the weaknesses of the case brought against you. There are many variables to explore, 包括, 但不限于, why you were stopped, how they conducted the field sobriety test, and whether the tools used to assess your BAC were calibrated correctly. Give us a call to discuss your case.





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